Almond-Pear Tart


Ingredients: butter, eggs, flour, pears.

Serves: 6-8

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This exclusive almond cake with pears has already become a favorite among my clients. The ideal combination between a thin layer of sandy dough, frangipane and fragrant pears. The name of the almond cream Frangipane takes its origin from the family Frangipane- one of the most powerful dynasties in Italian Medieval times. Literally, last name Frangipane means “to break bread” and precisely these broken breads decorate Frangipane family crest. Later the family fell into poverty, nevertheless, one of it’s representative’s marquis Muzio Frangipane succeeded to become a court perfumer of the king Ludovic Xlll and gained huge exposure among elite French circles with his almond scented gloves. The fragrance became so popular that confectioners immediately tried to reproduce it in baking.


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